The best dining table set for your dining area

The best dining table set for your dining area

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Choose the best dining table set for your dinning area

The best dining table set for your dining area

When we talk about the best dining table set for your dining area, the first and foremost thing that what is the ideal place for setting up the dining table set.

Before selecting the dining table first you need to assess the place where you will keep your dining table set. But before we start let’s understand one thing –

What is the purpose of a having dining table set?

It is the first question that every buyer should ask within themselves. Weather buyer needs to use it for a family dinner/launch, using for study or work from home mode or it should be used in a family gathering. This is how it will help a buyer to know the exact purpose of having a modern dining table.

The dining room is that fun social gathering space where conversations can last for hours over a hearty meal. It’s a place where you convene after a long day with your family to the dish and catch up memories are made here.

Selection of the purpose helps a buyer to narrow down its criteria and the exact type like a glass dining table or a vineyard or fully wooden etc.

Now a buyer needs to understand all criteria that need to be considered during the purchase of a best dinning set. If you have a small space then what kind of shape that a dining table set is best for small space?  That a buyer needs to understand. And if space is not a constraint then a buyer can opt for several options according to its purpose.

How a buyer assess the space for a dining table set?

Before buying always start with space planning. What size dining table to buy first you’ll have to measure the space and layout the floor plan. You’ll measure the length and width of the room and don’t forget the ceiling height.

Place for your dining table can be different for every individual houses. It can be separate hall, it can be space between your drawing room and kitchen or space that in front of the kitchen.

Now mark down that floor space whatever size that is available for placing your dining table set.

Once you have the overall measurements laid out then you’ll subtract 36 inches away from the walls. If you only have a few walls and there are passageways, behind you measure 36 inches away from the nearest wall and 42 inches away from a passage.

What all type is available for a dining table set?

There is the various type that is available in the market and buyer need to identify what type that suits the most. There can be a rectangle dining table, square dining table, round dining table, or an oval dining table. All these are available in different sizes.

For example, whether you want to have 4 people dining table, 6 or 8 people dining table or more number of people such as 10 people. You need to figure it out depends on this count. If you have a big dining hall, then 10 people arrangement can be suitable for a rectangle type of dining table.

The sizes generally start with 4 feet for 4 people that is 48 inches. For 6 people it can 5 feet (60 inches). For 8 people it can vary 7 to 8 feet (96 inches) for your dining table length. If it round or oval shape it may vary.

Extension of dining table –

That is one of the features you can add to your future planning. It can help 6 people to 8 people and 4 people to 6 people arrangements. There are various types that are available you need to choose as per your requirement.

best dining table set
best dining table set


Choose the best dining table set for your dinning area

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How to choose your dining table according to your home décor?

It can be various style that can easily be selected for your dining table. But remember one thing it should always complement to your entire home décor. So whether it is traditional, contemporary or modern dining table you need to choose carefully and as per your décor.

What will the best materials for your dining table set?

Choosing the best material for dining table is the essence of a perfect dining table. If you preferred heavy wood for your dining table then mahogany, oak and other woods that are available. A buyer can also look for MDF, engineered wood that can also be a good options for your perfect dining table set.

For dining table top Italian marble are heavily used to create a stunning looking dining table. A wooden dining table with glass top supported by two legs option that can also enhance your look and feel of your dining table.

Can big or expensive dining table is a good option for rented house or apartment?

I will not suggest you to buy a dining table if your accommodation is rented. It can be little issue if you need to shift from one place to another after a span of time. An expensive or a bigger dining table may damage during frequent transportation. 

I would rather suggest you to opt for benches dining set that are more suitable option for you. It can easily pick up and deliver to another location.

Now the following part is more close to my heart. It is the main section for every dining set. The sitting area where you and your family would enjoy the delicious food.

What is the best type of seats for your dining table?

Various sitting options that are available for your dining table. You can have bucket seat, chair with arm rest, bench seat it depend on how much space and area is available. The price range can start from 3k to 20k for a chair. Now the option lies with you that what is your suitable option according to your budget and requirement.

But mainly 36 inches surrounding free area is require for a perfect dining table set.

I have covered each and every aspect of the best dining table set for your dining area. A dining table always enhance your dining room and kitchen area. So, before selecting a dining table consider the above pointer and click on the check out button for best deals.

Choose the best dining table set for your dinning area

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Choose the best dining table set for your dinning area

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Buy 2 seater dining set

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