How to choose throw pillows for couch and loveseat

How to choose throw pillows for couch and loveseat

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Choose your Pillows & Cushions for your home 

Selecting throw pillows for couch and loveseat [2023]

We are a little obsessed while choosing throw pillows for the Couch and loveseat, and the first thing you need to do is to select the right size of pillow going to be your sofa or Couch and loveseat. I actually prefer my pillows a little bit the bigger size. When they get too small it looks kind of dinky.

A standard-size sofa set with a 22” or a 24” pillow at the back so you’ll obviously start with your biggest pillow at the back sleeper and then you start levelling them forward, so we’ve got our 22 inches, and then we have a 20-inch.

Now it’s kind of time to start talking about pattern mixing, types of pillows, and texture. I would like to have a mix of prints, like organic print mixed with a more straight-line graphic print and those look great together.

But having a solid texture with adding some dimension and then you can see the combination works well and in a more traditional setting you will match your sofa with pillows.

I generally step into a pillow shop near me or check out an online shopping portal, I tend to look for a different print that suits me the most. For big-size cushions for the sofa, the big print will give a stunning look to your couch. Vis-à-vis for small size small printed cushions can provide a smart look for your couch and loveseat.

You’ll also see that on a dark sofa, you will start with a light pillow so it breaks things up. But, if we have a light sofa we would start with the dark pillow at the back to wrap it all up.

A standard sofa cushion set size with a tiny pillow in front and then grab attention to the shapes make sure that they’re contrasting some organic, some straight lines and texture always.

How to choose throw pillows for couch and loveseat [2021]
How to choose throw pillows for couch and loveseat [2021]


Choose your Pillows & Cushions for your home 

Table of Content :

Features that influence buying throw pillows for couches in 2023

Some of the key design principles that you should keep in mind when you’re thinking about renovating or decorating your space. So if you have a design dilemma and need some answers let’s discuss the topic pillows.

Tossed Cushions or Pillows, whatever you call them they’re kind of a must-have when it comes time to complete the look of your living room, it’s part of accessorizing also.

The first thing to consider is what these pillows are for? This will help you determine so many things like the cost of the pillows, the type of pillow insert the type of fabric and even the texture of the fabric.

Let’s talk about inserts first. For instance, if you just need something decorative where they’ll just sit in place and look pretty, then you can save on costs and buy polyester inserts. I really wouldn’t use them on my sofa. Where you’ll be sitting on them or resting your head on them. Because the polyester will definitely not hold its shape for very long you’ll end up with flat pillows which is not what you want.

I don’t mind using polyester inserts and pillows that decorate your bed for instance they’re the type of pillow you move aside before you get in but they really don’t have much support or spring back once they’ve been crushed. So I’d say stay away from them for my sofa usually.

I opted for a down feather-filled insert they are super comfortable and most importantly they are denser and heavier and can be fluffed back to a fuller shape after they’ve been used.

For a cervical pillow for neck pain, I would rather be looking fuller fluffier looking pillow with a ratio of 25% down and 75% feather filled or I can save some money and go to a 5% down and 95% feather filled pillow insert.

If you’re allergic then some great down alternatives are done and can be fluffed up! Downfield pillow inserts are not inexpensive but they are a great investment raid your home goods store for great deals on good quality pillows. Where you can keep the inserts and just replace the pillowcases next up is sizing and quantity.

Arrangements of the throw pillows for couch –

I like pillows on sofas and loveseats that have a layered look. Which means I like having tossed cushions of various sizes.

A classic layered look is to have a larger 22-inch square cushion and then a 20-inch square cushion sits in front. I usually like to place this combination on each end of the l shaped sofa. I also love adding what’s known as a lumbar type pillow which is usually a rectangular shape like 12 inches by 24 in front of that combination.

But only at one end of the sofa, you want a little bit of asymmetry that lumber pillow could be placed in the middle of the sofa too on its own if there’s enough space between the ends.

I’m not a huge fan of having three square-shaped pillows in a roll like this where there’s one large than medium and small like a cascade of pillows. I find that’s too much repetition and it gets a little predictable and boring that’s sort of the opposite of the lumbar pillow. It is kind of unexpected and interesting for sofas.

How to mix and match throw pillows on a sofa or bed

I also prefer to limit my pillow or too many pillows on couch, so that you can actually see the sofa this sort of look with all the pillows lined up across makes it awkward for you or your guests to sit without having to remove pillows.

How to arrange throw pillows for couch on a sectional item

Pillows are expensive so do you really want them lying around on the ground? So I would like an odd number of pillows for sofas. I like five pillows too on either end with one additional lumber pillow for that extra bit of interest for smaller two-seater sofas. I’m up for three pillows one at one end and two at the opposite end. This unbalanced look adds interest too for sectionals.

I would prefer to add a couple of side sleeper pillows to the corner as well for beds. I would like to have a decorative pillow sit in front of a European pillow sham the Sham hides your actual sleeping pillow. Then the extra little touch of a decorative pillow in front of each sham adds.

An opportunity for extra color or pattern in your bedroom make sure those decorative pillows are smaller than your pillow shams for that layered look. I also love adding a lumbar pillow in the middle of a bolster-type pillow like this.

Then there are all the little design details you can have pillows with tassels on the corners or beautiful trims around the edges or fabric with textures all of these details add to the look of the pillow but may detract you from actually using the pillow, so keep them in mind.

I love the look of an exposed zipper this gold zipper paired with a pale lavender velvet is stunning but if you’re intending unrest in your head on this particular pillow then both the exposed zipper and the velvet may not be the best choice. But I love it anyway.

Finally the number one question. I know you’re dying to know the answer to chop or not to chop designers are known for chopping pillows. I think when I’m styling a home you’ll find me karate chopping my pillows for sure. These square pillows have been chopped and here they’re not chopped see the difference.

I kind of like them chopped I feel like they look heavier and fuller for some reason. it’s hard to chop them properly if the inserts are not good quality inserts. You really don’t get that look with polyester inserts another reason to invest in good inserts.

So here are your takeaway toss cushions are the finishing touches to creating a comfortable finished interior when it comes to living rooms and bedrooms. They add color texture and layers to the room start with a good-quality insert size and group them accordingly keeping odd numbers in mind and decorative details to make them even more decorative. Finally to chop or not to chop that’s totally up to you to throw pillows for couch.

Choose your Pillows & Cushions for your home 

Table of Content :


Choose your Pillows & Cushions for your home 

Table of Content :

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