What to look for while buying a bed

What to look for while buying a bed

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Choose your luxury bed for your stylish home

What to look for while buying a bed

A bed can be a big decision but it doesn’t have to be a stressful one, most of our headboards and bed frames are designed to work together. Here’s what makes a good bed and what to look for when buying a bed.

Beds are the home for sound sleep. A bed is one of the most important part of our bedroom. A perfect bed is always delivered super comfort and can also be a status symbol for many people.

But when we talk about bed it is not about comfort. Every bed frame has a unique look and functionality.

So what bed frame is right for you?

In my article, we will discuss the important guideline where you can choose the perfect bed for your bedroom.

To buy the perfect bed frame you need to consider three main factors that are directly involved during your purchase.

  1. Bed Size
  2. Frame Material
  3. Storage option

These three factors can help you to narrow down your options towards a perfect bed.

Why bed size is important?

You cannot buy a bed that does not fit in your room. Before buying your bed measure your room thoroughly. This is the first and foremost step for you to buy a bed. Correct measurement helps you buy the perfect bed for yourself.

Kids or a single person, you can opt for a single bed or a kids bed. For two kids you can select a bunk bed or a trundle bed. Both are space-saving.

For two adults a queen sized double bed is usually enough if you have a space restriction. But space is not the constraint then a king size bed would the perfect option.

Check out Amazon for various options that can perfectly cater to your needs.

Why frame material is important?

A good bed frame is always a key factor. Many types like eclectic or contemporary headboards variety can easily be found. But the main catch is how the bed frame material is.

Two kinds of materials are mainly used for bed frames. Premium Hardwoods and Engineered Wood.

Hardwood’s wood grains and natural beauty create an aura. This further improves by curving and polishing.

But Engineered Wood provides modularity and mobility.

In both the case strict industrial process follows by the manufacturer to craft the item. By this, you can get a perfect bed that much more appalling.

What is the available storage option?

This is one of the key and the most practical part that you need to understand.

If you want a light bed frame then you can opt for a bed without storage. But if you want your bed frame has to be with the storage facility then the following options can be chosen.

Side Drawer Storage – Based on wheels and a handy storage section that can easily be pulled.

Box Storage – Under the bed storage that can be accessed by lifting the base panel.

Hydraulic Storage – These are just like the box storage but with the help of a hydraulic mechanism.

Headboard Storage – Cabinet and drawers that build within the headboard.

Check out all the storage options by clicking the button and buy your perfect option for you.

What to look for while buying a bed
What to look for while buying a bed


Choose your luxury bed for your stylish home

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How to choose your headboard?

Choose your headboard, pick a headboard based on the style of your bedroom or the style you’d like to get. Do you want something cozy? Something that makes a statement, or something more modern than the unique pattern.

Headboard demands attention in a room and it features a solid wood frame, its adjustable height varies from 46 to 52 inches.

The headboard is all about a modern comfort zone with buttonless tufting. It’s great to lean against when you’re reading in bed. It comes in a tall height of 56 inches or a shorter 40-inch version.

You can get it in more than 50 fabric options the subtle trim on the nail head upholstered headboard gives it a sophisticated tailored look you can customize your own.

From over 70 fabric options from performance velvet to linen weave to prints. If you want to keep your space simple the tall wood cutout headboard has clean lines that go with everything it comes in two Heights and two finishes.

How to choose a bed frame?

Pick a bed frame for your headboard once you’ve found your headboard pick a bed frame that complements it. Headboard with the narrow leg bed frame because its intricate pattern contrasts nicely.

With the simplicity of the frame, the narrow legs simple design also works with the grid tufted leather headboard. The frame’s clean lines and tapered legs let the headboard geometric detailing really stand out for Tailored.

A simple bed frame goes with anything and the perfect colour combination it looks fabulous with the nailhead trim. The tall wood cutout headboard has a modern look.

So I’m matching it with a simple low bed frame in bright white by picking a bed frame with less space underneath the headboard that stands out even more.

How to select your bed size?

Order the right bed size once you know your bedroom size and which style you’d like. Be sure to order the right size for your bed headboards and bed frames. As per your requirement that might be a twin to king size bed or queen size bed.

Check out the standard sizing, but always be sure to measure your room or mattress before you order. Check detailed dimensions as per your need.

Various functionality that enables your bed buying criteria –

If you have the habit of doing work by sitting in bed then an upholstered bed is the ideal option for you.

Or if you want something royal then a poster bed is what you need to think of.

If you want a normal bed then a platform bed or divan bed will be the perfect option for you.

Or else a sofa cum bed can also be used for sitting as well as for sleeping.

In this article, I have covered what to look for when buying a bed. If you like my article then share it with your family and friends. Do check out some exiting & luxury beds by clicking the button below.

Choose your luxury bed for your stylish home

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Choose your luxury bed for your stylish home

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